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We’re not just another supply agency! With so many supply agencies out there it is important to know we’re different. Here’s why:

Truly local

A locally owned and run company.

A family run business located in Ashby De-La Zouch. Driven by local people who care about the local neighbourhood and community of Leicestershire.

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Knowledge & Understanding

Experienced staff with local knowledge.

With over 12 years of experience in education recruitment, our team know the sector very well.  We are aware that without good staff our job is impossible, so we take great care in understanding what you want in order to offer you the right work.

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On time every time with minimum effort.

Although we know you love your job, being paid is important and being paid on time is paramount. Our commitment to you is a simple payroll procedure.

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Every decision is made locally with local interests in mind.

We are not apart of a massive global set of companies with interests in other sectors; Education Recruitment is our passion! We do have sister companies in the Midlands, but they’re managed by local people and experts in that area.

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Annual Support To Local Charities

Rewards Programme

Teacher Awards

Our Core Values

Recent testimonials

“I have been working for Richard over the past few years, and have had positive experiences at all times from both the schools I have worked in, and from the agency itself. I have had as much work as I have wanted right through the time I’ve been working for them.

Richard looks after the teachers that work for them, giving them the amount of work they require. They always respect teacher’s wishes, whether they want full time or part time work – they will work round teacher’s personal requirements. He has a good relationship with the schools he work with – especially as they don’t “cold call” schools.

I would recommend Richard and his team to any teacher wanting a reliable and friendly agency to work for.”


“I thoroughly enjoy working for Leicestershire Supply Teachers! After seriously considering leaving the profession entirely, supply teaching has reminded me of all the aspects of teaching I love, also the flexibility it offers. Richard really understood the work I wanted and I have built up great relationships with the local schools.”


“Overall I have found LST a very friendly, supportive and proactive company to work for. Since joining in 2013 I have had regular work and always within an 8 mile radius of my house. Repeat visits to a small number of local schools have allowed me to build positive relationships with both staff and children alike, often leading to opportunities for long term contracts.”


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